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Grass Trimmer


When it comes to keeping farm fence lines clear of overgrowth, there is no substitute for brushcutters. These machines are so good that it’s hard to find a bad one.

With four different types on the market – wheeled, backpack, cow horn/bicycle handlebar and lance – the terrain and nature of the job will dictate which machine best suits a farmer’s needs.

As they are often needed for multiple tasks, much comes down to personal preference.


  • Features: This machine has been redesigned to include an electric start. This new feature means it can be restarted when strapped to the operator’s back.
  • Sits comfortably and securely to allow for balanced work posture and easy control.
  • Softly padded carrying system balances the weight of the engine over the user’s shoulders and hips.
  • Regulates the ignition timing and fuel mix in every operating state to optimize performance, even when temperatures and altitudes change.
  • Memory function saves the settings from the last time it was used which means that full engine power is available straight away.
  • A tool bag is set into the backpack’s support frame – great for stashing accessories and cutting tools.


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